Austrianism is Dying! Truthers Unite!

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Real Currencies

It transpires that leading Libertarian websites have been catastrophically hemorrhaging visitors over the last 18 months. Gold buggery is definitely on the wane and this means that the classical enemy of Populist Monetary Reform may be on the way out. The Goldites have been confusing the Populists for 150 years.
This is the chance of an era to find common ground for a widely supported Monetary Reform Movement.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

Here are two stunning Alexa graphs.

Gary North is also down from about 30,000 to 60,000.
Surely Lew Rockwell’s site and  are at the heart of Libertarian agitation. They showed solid growth up to late 2011 when they started bleeding visitors. It must be remembered that this was during the Paul campaign, that could have seen the Goldites take over the Republican party, should Paul have resisted Diebold manipulation.


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Jason Erb and Mike Sledge discuss Gold and the roots of Austrianism

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The Daily Bell calls it quits…

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Real Currencies

In an amazing development, the Daily Bell editor Anthony Wile has just announced the Daily Bell is over. He’s pulling the plug, moving on to other ventures.

Anthony Wile says ‘hasta la vista’.

Of course, they have their own agenda and we can’t tell why, but the simple fact is: the Daily Bell never recovered from the fierce debates that raged in the first half of 2012.

When the first discussions started in December 2011, they were growing explosively and already close to the top 30,000 on Alexa, which is very high for high class conspiracy sites.

When I at the time picked them for some serious chatting about the basic Austrian propositions I did so for a simple reason: they were the leading outlet offering high end analysis of the NWO from an Austrian perspective, combined with a rational, courteous tone of voice. Rockwell and other outlets avoid…

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Tom Woods responded to my comments on his article, The Greenbackers’ Fake Quote Industry

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Exposing Faux Capitalism

Tom WoodsFrom Tom Woods’ April 15, 2013 article, The Greenbackers’ Fake Quote Industry, picked up by the following day, I made the following comments, to which Woods responded to:

Bill Still tried to get fake quotations removed from his documentary, The Money Masters, but the copyright holder wouldn’t allow it, for reasons we can only surmise. In 2011, he created this page dedicated to exposing false monetary quotations ( so it’s good to see that you’ve joined forces with a Greenbacker in the interests of intellectual honesty, Tom.

To which Woods responded:

I happily concede that this speaks well of Bill Still.

Then, I commented:

In 2009, I exposed the fake Jefferson quote you cited above ( after hearing it so many times and deciding to do my own research and conceding that it must be fake if the word…

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Breaking Free from the Grand American Illusion

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New Horizons

The last post generated some thoughtful commentary so I feel the need to elaborate upon it and share some further information. Many will completely misunderstand me but a few will get it and may feel a desire to press into these uncomfortable areas further. Please consider reading the following books and articles to help you figure my perspective out:

A short intro to Bernard Mandeville, the true father of today’s neo-liberal form of vulgar capitalism

A 45-page history of economics that explains how JUSTICE has been removed from the economic debate

Three books:
Adam Smith’s Mistake: How a Moral Philosopher Invented Economics and Ended Morality (The best book on Bible prophecy that you will ever buy even though it doesn’t refer to the Second Coming of Jesus. I promote it simply because it explains Matt. 24:12)

Liberty, the God That Failed: Policing the Sacred and Constructing the Myths of the…

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End the Fed: a Trojan Horse destroying the Truth Movement from within

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Real Currencies

The Truth Movement is probably the biggest problem the Money Power dealt with in a long while. But it is being attacked from all sides and from within. Libertarianism and the End the Fed crowd are a Trojan Horse and the most insidious threat the Truth Movement faces. It happened because we still have not come to grips with ‘the dismal science’, economics, and we must pass the final frontier in truth-seeking: Usury.

The Truth Movement rose in the aftermath of 9/11. The Internet allowed the few mavericks in the know out there a platform and the trauma of the 9/11 attacks gave them an audience. It became the cause truth-seekers from all over the world rallied around.

Not only were the perpetrators, the Zionists and the Neo-Cons led by the Bush clan, quickly established, but also a larger picture arose. Zionist and US Empire conquest of the Middle East…

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Gary North demonstrates the principle of “publish or perish”

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Exposing Faux Capitalism

Publish or perishIn academic circles, there’s the principle of “publish or perish,” meaning that academics have to regularly publish scholarly articles in order to keep their jobs, whether or not they are quality articles, and that, by implication, quantity is often more important than quality.

Austrian School economist, Dr. Gary North, demonstrates this principle.

His December 28, 2012 article, Retired Couple Turn Into World Traveling Nomads, is only 158 words, and looks like the work of a fifth-grader. Here is a sample of his “high-quality” writing:

I like my lifestyle. I spend most of my time in my basement office. I write. I read. I don’t go anywhere.

I would pay a lot of money not to travel. Fortunately, I don’t have to. I get to stay home for free.

My view of travel is simple: if you want to see the world, rent travel videos. Or watch YouTube.

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To blow off ritualistic steam, watch Gerald Celente. For real solutions, watch Wayne Walton and Tom J. Kennedy

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Exposing Faux Capitalism

Gerald CelenteTo blow off ritualistic steam about our financial and political problems, watch Gerald Celente, like in this April 25, 2013 interview with Alex Jones, where he was in true form.

Immediately following the September 2008 U.S. and global financial meltdown, Gerald Celente was a welcome voice in the wilderness of those who understood the failed policies of the banking elite, and could articulate them in a captivating way. The problem is, he’s been repeating the same talking points ever since.

Hardly an interview goes by when he doesn’t blast the same old “white shoe boys,” and telling us for the zillionth time, incorrectly mind you, that Mussolini knew something about fascism, and that it’s the merger of government and corporations. That, despite Italian speaker, Webster Tarpley, pointing out that Mussolini said no such thing, and that the word Mussolini used — corporazione — referred to guilds, where owners took…

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The Daily Bell: Usurious Commercial Banking is Freedom, Interest-Free Government Money is Tyranny

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Real Currencies

The Daily Bell is indeed back: trying to reframe the debate once more. Saying Government money printing is always bad because the Money Power controls the State. There is some truth in this but as always evades the real issue. The elves passionately defend commercial banking while not wasting a single word on usury. But Usury is the ultimate Centralizer of Power.

Morphing the classical Marxist vs. Capitalist dialectic into public vs. private, the elves recently have been trying to regain some lost ground (see here and here). Their latest effort is ‘Real Evil: Attributing Money Creation to the State‘. Money Power controls the State, they correctly note, while ‘forgetting’ the Money Power is the Banking Cartel they are simultaneously defending as ‘free market banks’.

And ‘t is true: the fact that the Government creates a monopoly, only to hand it to the Money Power to milk…

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Why Tom Woods is wrong about the Greenbackers

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Real Currencies

Left: Tom Woods complaining about lack of MSM airtime

Recently the Austrians have been aiming some firepower at the ‘Greenbackers’ again. As we have documented extensively, Austrianism was developed mainly to organize the opposition against the current monetary order and to mind control it into cheerleading the reinstatement of the Gold Standard, which the Money Power has been planning for decades now. Not much new under the sun, but since they insist, let’s have some more fun with their silly antics.

Tom Woods has 34k likes on Facebook, is asked by friends to run for the Senate, is clearly groomed to play a major role in Libertarianism in the future and looks like the Heir Apparent to Lew Rockwell’s ‘Catholic arm of Libertarianism‘. Certainly an influential fellow and he recently opened up a page on his site called ‘Why the Greenbackers are wrong‘.

As we know…

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