Deconstructing Austrian Economics

Austrian Economics
Addresses manipulation of volume as the cause of the boom/bust cycle. But blames the State for this, instead of the Money Power. Ignores the wealth transfer from poor to rich through interest and tries to explain it away as a normal free market price for money. Favors interest bearing Gold.
Modern Austrians want a free market for currencies, which is positive. They mistakenly claim Gold will prove to be best in such market. But Gresham’s Law predicts people will hoard gold and pay with paper.
Clamors for deflation. Deflation hurts debtors (90% of the population), as the value of debts and the interest payed over them increases in value. Kills economic growth because people hoard cash instead of investing and consuming.
Deflation is a result of crashing demand, due to a contracting money supply. The associated declining prices are not a boon, but a symptom of a serious disease.

The Issues:
Libertarianism’s main fault: Blaming the State while ignoring the Money Power
Why Gold is so strongly deflationary
Phoenix Rising, the Return of the Gold Standard
Top Ten Lies and Mistakes of Austrian Economics
The Inflation vs. Deflation Dialectic
Bitcoin, a Positive Step forward in Monetary Reform
Usurious Usurpation
The Ron Paul Challenge: 10 reasons why the Alternative Media is failing this test
Austrian Economics is still ‘Jewish’ Economics

Why Bankers love Gold
Gold revisited
The Problem with Gold
Alex Jones joins Alan Greenspan in calling for a Gold Standard
The U.S. Constitution doesn’t say money should be gold or silver coin, by Faux Capitalist
Greenbackers vs. Goldbugs
, by Eric Blair (Activist Post)
Taking Aim at the Austrian school of Socialism
, from the perspective of Landreform by Keith Gardner
Inflation is Interest, Deflation is Theft
, by Keith Gardner

The Money Power build up of Libertarianism and Austrian Economics
How the Money Power created Libertarianism and Austrian Economics
The “Catholic” Arm of Libertarianism
The Satanic Core of Libertarianism
Old Rothschild- and Rockefeller hands controlled the Libertarian-Communist dialectic
How the Money Power spawns Libertarians
Who is Ed Griffin?

Discussions with the Daily Bell
Discussing Gold and Interest with the Daily Bell
Daily Bell: wrapping up
The Daily Bell tolls for another round in the debate

Gary North’s annoying nonsense
Gary North’s Bluff: the Lie he’s been sitting on for 50 years
In response to Gary North
What Gary North is not telling you about Interest
In defense of Ellen Brown


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