The domination of the Alternative Media by Austrian Economics is worrying. Many Gold outlets parade as ‘independent’ while plugging their specie. Hyping a hyperinflation scare, while we clearly are in stagflation, with a horrible deflation in the real economy and speculators driving up food and commodity prices.

Ron Paul hides his blatant Gold Standard behind pleasant ‘constitutionalism’, peace and small Government.

Many major outlets in the Alternative Media only very sparingly allow Interest Free Economics. Direct criticism of Austrian Economics is hardly allowed and called ‘internecine strife’.

It is not ‘internecine strife’, as the Gold Standard is a Money Power project and Austrian Economics is the Mind Control operation paving its way.

Patriots need serious information about the Money Power and what to do about its control of the Money Supply. Therefore Austrian Economics must be confronted. Critics must be allowed a platform.

Patriots need to reconnect to their Populist roots. And throughout the ages Populist have called for plentiful money.

Today, with modern Interest-Free Economics we can dispel all cost for capital for society. That should be our aim.

Not to increase return on investment for the Trillionaires, as Austrian Economics so blatantly facilitates.

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  • ruth says:

    Hi there..why are you not promoting MPE as a solution? thanks!

  • frank says:

    This site makes no sense, you show no sign of having read anything Austrian. Rather you have taken it upon yourself to sarcastically attack it, in some attempt to belittle it.

    J.S Mills said, ‘He who know only his argument; knows little of that.’

    I advise you read into the subject before dedicating a website to implying it to be some poorly construed conspiracy theory, by the so called ‘Money Power’. You might just find you own arguments start to make sense.

  • Wow you sure have a naïve attitude toward economics

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