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Real Currencies

The Free Market Fundamentalism that Libertarianism is famous for is simply wrong. Free Markets are a means to an end, not a goal in themselves: to allow efficiency and equitable access to all in society. It’s quite clear that markets can easily go overboard and they need to be managed, just like all human enterprises and public spaces.

This is not to say that Libertarians don’t make a decent point in their analysis of the perverse consequences of many Government regulations. They do. It’s undoubtedly fair to say that many Governmental interventions do more damage than they do good.

Producers and consumers should be able to interact with as little interference as possible.

Also, it’s undoubtedly true that Governmental tyranny has been an unmittigated disaster for manking throughout the ages.

However, Austrianism completely ignores the monopolistic tendencies of capitalism and puts all the blame for monopolies on Governments being used…

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