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The Daily Knell

Following our recent article on the control of the Libertarian movement by Money Power, we have received several comments from Libertarian sympathizers over the last few days. These comments are generally similar in that they offer the typical Libertarian and Austrian objections to the viewpoints expressed on this blog. In an effort to avoid repeating ourselves and to expose our ideas in a different format, we propose the following xtranormal video, which presents a dialogue between a typical Libertarian sympathizer and a Daily Knell blogger. Enjoy!

Libertarian sympathizer meets Daily Knell blogger


How Money Power controls the Libertarian movement in the 21st century

Analyzing Austrian economics memes: Who benefits from the anarcho-capitalist utopia?

Old Rothschild- and Rockefeller hands controlled the Libertarian-Communist dialectic

How the Money Power spawns Libertarians

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