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The Daily Knell

In this article, Memehunter explores the murky underworld of the Libertarian movement, in the wake of blogger Lila Rajiva’s stunning revelations about the “long-standing relationship” between Ron Paul and the founder of financial behemoth Agora Inc., with which the well-known libertarian website The Daily Bell is affiliated. The ramifications of the partnership between the Daily Bell, known for its strident “gold bug” mindset, and gold mining concern Dicon Gold Inc. are also discussed.

The Daily Bell, a leading libertarian website known as much for its staunch support of Austrian economics as for its strident “gold bug” mindset, recently featured an article entitled “The Ron Paul Hoax?” which attempted to defend Ron Paul’s reputation in the wake of a series of articles on Clint Richardson’s  Reality Blog showing Paul to be essentially nothing more than a fraud. Although the Bell admits to having doubts about the efficacy…

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