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The Daily Knell

stopthelieswith Anthony Migchels

The Daily Bell appears to be quite obsessed with both Memehunter and Real Currencies, having exhibited a painful compulsion to refer indirectly but unmistakably to their past discussions with both of us in a series of articles, even though we have mostly left them alone for the last six months (in fact, Memehunter took a well-deserved break after the Daily Bell shut down its comment section).

However, these recent articles contain such blatant distortions that we deemed it necessary to attempt to rectify the situation. Furthermore, it is apparent that the elves over at the Bell cannot wait to debate again with us. It is our sincere hope that, by creating the Daily Knell, a blog dedicated to exposing libertarian lies, we have finally fulfilled their wish.

Social Credit, Mises-Rockefeller connections, and other falsehoods

Let us begin with the claim that Social Credit…

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