Answering Keiser, Alex Jones, North, Rockwell, Trotsky etc.

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By Dick Eastman
Alex Jones and Max Keiser make a 58 minute advertizement to get you to exchange your dollars for gold and to hold the gold in an offshore bank. They say central bankers around the world are buying gold.  But instead of pointing out that this is prepatory to the gold standard which will lock in Rothschild Jewish Mafia / Chinese Triad organized crime as the central reserve bank of the central banks  etc.  allowing them to boom and bust nations at will just as they do with the international dollar reserve system.  They want to surrender more American national purchasing power for a foreign gold deposit.  These are the pals of the gold industry.  Max Keiser is great on telling you what is wrong  — but he is only moving you to a new system based on gold  — the old J.P. Morgan Robber Baron system that populists oppossed with very good reason in the 1900s.
Both Keiser and Jones never tell their listeners that social credit exists, that the two-loop analysis and the interest drain of pruchasing power are the problems.  They are not telling you that gold will be an equally cruel and ruthless master and manipulator of markets and prices as is the debt-based federal reserve deposit.
Listen to Keiser and Jones and then, if you honestly can, tell me I’m wrong.  Here they are:
More below.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
1.  Politics:  Answering Lew Rockwell
Lew Rockewell is telling everyone not to vote.  He writes today:

On the other hand, we do have the freedom not to vote. No one has yet drafted us into the voting booth. I suggest that we exercise this right not to participate. It is one of the few rights we have left. Nonparticipation sends a message that we no longer believe in the racket they have cooked up for us, and we want no part of it.

This is an absurd suggestion.  The majority already do not vote and no good has come of it. 
Congressmen abstain from voting all the time and no good has come of it.
Think of how stupid Rockewell’s proposal is from the stantpoint of someone who want a change of government away from serving the crime syndicate and back to (since how long ago!) serving the people.
Rockwell stands for a cluster of oligarch serving measures — privatization, austerity (deflation), a gold standard, internationalist trade policies, continuation of usury, private control of money and credit, laissez-faire especially against who would regulate finance, and who would intervene to break up monopoly power, trusts, holding companies, speculation, and against those who would regulate international trade.
With Austrian-Economics stooge Ryan as Romney’s VP the “Austrian agenda” (austerity, gold, internationalism that servers international speculators) is assured.  But also with Obama the Soros and Goldman-Sachs stooge Obama/Clinton re-elected they will get the gold standard anyway – for Soros has just bought gold to position himself as one of Rothschilds gold-reserve controllers who will operate as private central banks themselves by either lending or withholding their gold stock to inflate or deflate the “gold backed” dollar at will.  The Federal Reserve — which always has done wrong, but which never theless has had the power to conduct a good Irving Fisher monetarist economy  — last known under Andrew Mellon in the 1920s before Morgan-Rockefeller-Baruch-Warburg staged the stock market crash ( selling short, making mortgage calls, and then, on three days, buying up American real corporation assets during a crash when the ticker tape each day got three hours behind  –which contracted credit and money supply to bring on the Great Depression while all of the wealth of the Harding/Coolidge/Mellon prosperity was transferred to Wall Street and City of London speculators.  The same game is afoot.  Austrian’s who want a gold standard and deflation and federal interst payments that are made from privatization and sell-off of public treasures and a cut of public services and increased taxes on lower-loop consumers  — the Austrians are going to get all that whether Obama wins or Romney and so Rockewell is telling all you not of the elite  — debt burden bearers and deflation burden bearers (tax slaves, debt slaves, jobless beggers etc)  to simply not vote so that we don’t find an anti-Austrian populist who will reflate consumer demand with fiat social credit.
Let’s look at our situation in light of Rockwell’s proposal versus mine.
First. We live what was intended to be a republic.  The republic has deviated from the plan of the benevolent and wise Founders who opposed “combinations” (parties) – who wanted chosen electors to pick a wise president  — who wanted seasoned state legislators to pick a US Senator and who wanted Congress to be elected by popular vote – but without political parties – so that when a new Congress is seated their first order of business would be to convene and have discussion and debate on choosing Speaker of the House  — with no political part considerations.
Second, political parties did appear, the Senate did come to be chosen by popular election, the parties took over the presidential selection process from the electors, – parties pick committed and partisan electors to vote party men  etc.  Senators and Presidents are now selected in such a way that the controllers of the monopoly media, of campaign contributions to parties, candidates and PACs and party operatives assure top down selection of nominees and candidate and who gets elected.
Third.  So being in a perverted system that gives you their choice – their menu – choose the Republic plate or the Democrat Plate  — in a fixed election  – where the party bosses with unlimited funds to deliver can defeat any honest opposition candidate by having half a dozen phony candidates run against the real reformer saying the same thing as the real reformer but with something favorable in each that draws a certain demographic portion of the real reformers voters from him.  For example, if Pat Buchanan was running for president in 1994 — who is pro-life, the criminal machine wanting Bush would run a phony candiate who like Buchanan is pro-life  — but their guy would be both pro-life and Pretestant (as Alan Keyes was  — Alan Keyes who was Neo-con William Krystol’s roommate at Harvard   — and thus would divide the pro-life vote making it impossible for Buchanan to win the GOP nomination against Dole  — while Dole was the candidate specifically choosen to loose against Clinton  — as McCain was specifically chosen to lose against Obama.  And of course they run a fake alternative – Ron Paul  — to draw off those opposed to the bi-partisan scam  — Ron Paul who also only runs to draw off support that might have gone to a real grass-roots opposition candidate.  The people have no money and are economically exhausted and they do not have communication channels (except twittering and e-mail  — and you cannot choose a popular champion and  raise him up a national candidate on ever ballot with just twitter etc.  So the fake alternative has a bunch of operatives with plenty of money behind them to make sure Ron Paul is strong enough to rob all populist candidates of the oxygen they need to get a toe-hold in public opinion — but Ron Paul will be scientifically weak enough — through carefull polling and analysis of the polling data that the helps the candidate tagged by Bilderberg and CFR — the crime asyndicates tagged candidate – to win.  So what does Lew Rockwell propose?  He proposes those who disagree with both the Democrat AIPAC Austerity War  candidate and the Republican AIPAC Austerity War candidate to simply not vote when the day comes to pick a president by popular vote.
I propose that we raise up an alternative in a fast and effective way to get someone other than Obama, Romney, Paul and Rockwell’s Zero  I propose we pick one man —  a man picked because he clearly stands against the machine.  Obama, Romney, Paul and Rockwell’s Zero (which is merrely a vote for Obama and Romney  for austerity and debt will evermore have to be paid in gold).
I recommend that the people pick some populists who are tried and true  — who are not Soros’s Occupy Movement or Soros’s and Goldman’Sachs Obama  ; who is not Murdochs Tea Party or the Neo-cons and Austerity syndicate’s ROmney.
Let a group of five trusted populists – against austerity, against gold, against usury, against Zionist domination of foreign policy  etc. — but a man respected by the common people of good will who are in both political parties — someone these would gladly desert the Rockefeller choice of their respective parties to vote for.
Or just take my suggestion  — the one I would nominate if I were on such a committee — as the optimum combination of populism and nationalism and military isolationism with Jeffersonian/Washingtonian leanings on foregin relations.
My proposed man for the entire nation to back against Obama-Romney is Paul Craig Roberts and whatever running mate he chooses.  He would of course have to be drafted  — and of course he would not accept the draft unless he were convinced that a million or more are committing to him at the outset.
At any rate that is the kind of thing that would have to happen for this nation to turn things around without a civil war or a shock and awe visit by a UN intervention force  – or just the continued systematic strangulation of the people.
There is always a problem of how much to write about all this  — no one reads things this long  — there is so much more that needs to be said.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

The Economy – Answering Gary North
Another “Austrian-Economics”  shill propagandist is Gary North.  He is advocating default rather than reflation.  His article, also on Lew Rockwell, opens like this:

Hyperinflation is always a possibility for any national government or central bank. If a national government is running massive deficits, it can call upon the central bank to buy treasury bills or treasury bonds with newly created money. This digital money is transferred to the treasury, which then spends the money into circulation. There have been cases of hyperinflation in the past which have become legendary. The most famous of all of these hyperinflations is Germany from 1921 through 1923. Simultaneously with that hyperinflation was a hyperinflation in Austria. These were not the worst cases of hyperinflation in history, but they were the worst cases in industrial societies. The worst case was Hungary for two years immediately after World War II. The second worst case took place a few years ago in Zimbabwe. Both were agricultural nations.

The nation is in trillions of debt  — caused by net interest drain  — by the manipulation fo the business cycle for the gain of the creditor class.  They have gained unearned weath increases from windfall deflation premiums alone totaling perhaps 25 trillion in current dollars since Calvin Coolidge left office in March 1929.

In the case of central banks that adopt policies that produce hyperinflation, there is no doubt that creditors are ruined if the lenders have the right to pay off the loan with the newly issued currency. If there are no gold contracts or silver contracts governing the payment of the loans, the creditor is helpless in the face of lenders who use the depreciated money to get out of their obligations.

SO Gary North is about saving the real purchasing power of dollars that must be paid to creditors in the future.  He has elsewhere stated that deflation is not a problem and that deflation does not exist.  Of course it does exist, of course it is the root of the debt and interest drain and insufficient domestic purchasing power crisis.  The creditors have stolen trillions from the domestic economy of households, domestic production of goods and public sector provision of public goods.  But north’s bread is not buttered by the debtors, it is buttered by the creditors who bankroll the Austrian economics lobby that pretends it is a school of economics.
Kotlikoff’s figures indicate that the federal government at some point will have to default on large portions of the long-term debt. The numbers do not lie. Kotlikoff’s numbers are larger than most estimates, but other economists have estimated the total unfunded liability in the range of $90 trillion. This number is as unmanageable as $222 trillion.  …  This is a problem created by every group of politicians in the world, who have overpromised what each national government is going to be able to deliver in the future.
…  I think default is inevitable, but I don’t think it needs to be default by hyperinflation. That is because the government cannot get out of its obligations by fiat money. It cannot default by using hyperinflation, because hyperinflation will only last a few years, but the obligations last for the next 75 years. In other words, the default will be much more open. The government is going to have to renege on promises made to the vast majority of people who are now dependent on the federal government for their retirement income, and it will also default on the workers who are still in the workforce, who are paying each payday into Social Security and Medicare.
If Congress nationalizes the FED, then we could get hyperinflation, just to meet present bills. But this will not solve the long-term problem: government unfunded liabilities. After the currency dies, the debt will still be there.
I say that hyperinflation NEVER happens because “the State” wants to cheat “Rothschild” — the international Money Power who own the bonds.  NEVER!  Hyper-inflations, as in Post World War One Germany, only happen when the Middle Class owns a lot of bonds, in the case of Germany, War Bonds.  That meant that much of the war debt was going to go to German goyim unless the privately controlled Reichsbank did something about it.  And so they inflated the Deutche Mark effectively whipping out the real savings of the middle classes.  And the new money was used to buy up German property, the houses and other assets that Germans were forced to sell when wages and professional earnings did not keep up with inflation and the growth of real debt.  As soon as this middle class wealth was captured by international finance  — the Rothschilds  — the same people who bankroll Austrian economists  — allowed Germany to go to a deflationary system  — so that the German people, who once had savings and were murdered by inflation, will now have debt if they want to work and the read debt burden would grow by deflation.  The same happened in the US when under Fed Chairman Miller the US went to double digit inflation until the S & L scandal wrecked the US financial system and middle class savings were destroyed  — so that when Paul Volker brought on a deflationary policy US households were again net debtors.  Welcome to the new Weimar Republic.!
No depression has ever ended without reflation.  A gold standard locks out the possibility of reflation.  It is an added tax, payable to Rothschild who sets the price of gold, who has the means of expanding gold reserves in banks or contracting it at will.  Soros is buying gold to be in a controlling position when the gold standard is adopted  — under Obama, under Romney  — Ron Paul too, although he was never really in the race to win.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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