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Exposing Faux Capitalism

From lewrockwell.com. Released under the GFDL ...The following five articles on LewRockwell.com on June 26, 2012 caught my attention:

Put Away Your Badge, Holster Your Gun, and Stop Trying To Loot Me
Gary North’s message for right-wing protectionists.
– Referring to indirect taxes as “loot[ing]” is hyperbolic rhetoric. It is also ironic that a supposed opponent of world government would argue against constitutional and voluntary methods of taxation that serve as a bulwark against world government by promoting national borders.

What Causes an Economic Depression?
And how to cure it, by Murray Rothbard.
– Promotes the notion that an increase in the supply of money is the sole cause of an economic depression, as opposed to the combination of an increase and subsequent decrease.

Are We Austrians Shills for the Bankers?
So claims a money crank. Article by Tom Woods.
– Methinks Tom Woods doth protest too much! Also, “money crank” is an ad hominem fallacy…

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