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Faux Capitalist shoots another hole in Gary North’s silly ramblings.

Exposing Faux Capitalism

Gary northIn his May 28, 2003 article, The Myth of the Gold Standard, Gary North poses the question, “[w]hy don’t you trust the free market?” in response to those who argue for government creation of money.

Given that Gary North’s so-called free market gold standard calls for government enforcement of contracts, I ask him, “why don’t you trust the free market?”

If, according to him, governments can’t be trusted with creating money, why does he trust them to enforce contracts, and not trust the free market?

Unless he’s against all government-built roads for the facilitation of commerce, I find it interesting that he’s so vehemently against the government creation of money, yet calls for the government to forcibly enforce contracts that allow banks to seize assets from those who will eventually default on their debts with compound interest.

This article by North is just one example of several that…

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