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Real Currencies

Gary North wants to make us believe salvation will come when we can pay our tribute to the Money Power in Gold instead of Fed Notes. Populists have forever maintained the Government should print its own money, so we can actually stop paying tribute. This is why the Volker Fund payed North and his buddies $500 dollars per month in the Sixties.

Having asked Gary North three times why we have to pay $150,000 interest over a $100,000 mortgage in 30 years, he comes up with a screed he wrote fifty years ago.

‘Gertrude Coogan’s Bluff’ is his attempt to discredit Gertrude Coogan, a forgotten hero of the Populist Movement. A typically boastfully arrogant Gary North hit piece. Even as a young lad North was an annoying bigmouth without much content.

According to Gary North, the problem is not that the money supply is monopolized by the Money Power…

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