Dick Eastman for President!

February 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

In communities around the country there are old book drives and old-book donantion sites.  It is usually an unknown organization and as often as not an “environmental” organization behind the drive.  The fact is that this drive is for children’s education after all — it is for eliminating old books with their recorded history of what I culture once was from the information sources of the people.  This has been going on for decades.  Entie libraries have be scoured of old books of technical and cultural value, which books as often as not have gone to land fills or recycling.  The Rothschild interests are allied with the Chinese Triade Princlings who control Red China as the Jewish Mafia controls the US.  The Chinese were told under their totalitarian “communist” (Jews designed) propaganda system that the US never travelled to the moon, that the US was dominated by racism and violence, that, in fact, the US resembles exactly the American being portrayed contemporary American horror, super action anti-hero detective movies and mindless teen movies and “sitcoms” and degrading and dehumanizing game and survival programs challenges that the American citizen is forced to go through of a chance to win some money to relieve his desperate debt problems.
All of this is a larger plan to degrade the people and to erase the history of a free people.  And the ideology of government for and by the people is replaced with hate-all-government and “government causes depressions”  and governance should be directed by international bankers and the intellectuals they choose — while the people are given a false image of what the world is about, of why things are happening the way they do, of what is possible and what is impossible.   The perfect example of this is the US elections.  Dumb issues that miss the point.  Candidates who all are stooges of the Rothschild interests.  Media monopoly to make mountains out of molehills and spin entire mountain ranges of problems and the analysis needed to see and address those problems out of sight.  Instead of economics there is bogus Rothschild Propaganda and scam (e.g. Keynesian economics to sell deficit finance, Austrian economics to sell privatization, social atomization, the gold-standard collar, chain and ball around our necks to enforce the deflation that makes the creditor wealth (your IOUs) more valuable and the debt slavery of the 99 percent more onerous.
Back to the books.  They are being collected in “drives”, just like the “cluncker cars”  — talk to young kids, they do not believe what the average size family car looked like, they do not believe that average workers could afford new cars (Chevrolets, Fords, Dodges – in not Lincolns, Imperials and Cadillacs)  History is being rewritten.  It was already mutilated with replacing Jefferson and the true economic history of the country with a history of racism, sexism and all of the other “Marxist” criticique of American society that tears down every institution —  which has been taught in all American universisites from Yale to some community college in Mississippi or California.  Political correctness should not exist at all, should never have been tolerated — but it was impossed and all who want to keep their jobs must be its slaves.
I am a preserver of the old culture  — no a very good one — but I have devoted all of my means to preserving a record of the society which the Money Power and the China led “crown” of world power are to impose.  (The US is simply a place for raising soldiers and prostitutes and subsistence labor and servants with some in higher “slave overseer” positions — working for the increased job security and wages of a “government job”  or heading some Congressional “pork” project by which the criminal underlings who save the elites get employed.
Behind all this is the control of money and credit.
I have recently put out youtubes with long extensive passages from the speeches of John C Calhoun, from the personal memoire history of the locofoco movement of the late 1830s and early 1840s during the deflationary depression that was engineered by Biddle for Rothschild in retaliation for Andrew Jackson vetoing the renewal of the charter of the BUS (the American central bank that had been plundering the country through alternating speculative booms and deflationary (confiscatory) busts.  I have just put out the proceedings of the US Senate in its first session after Roosevelt closed the banks and took over the credit money power for (not from) Baruch, Morgan, Rockefeller, Goldman-Sachs, Khun-Loeb and the rest — destroying every communities power to raise its own capital – that was possible through circulating gold that was confiscated  —  only six people have listened to it  — but it shows how even then, the most important legislation was submitted to the Senate without them seeing it or discussing it, and with the requirement that it be passed the day it was presented without change — as was also done with the identical house version  — on the very day that Congresssional committees were assigned (just handed out by the party leadership of each party  — )   —    I wanted to show from direct sources, without a “historian” and the Jewish reputation destruction machine that would marginalize any “revisionist” that challenges the Big Lie of the Rothschild-Zionist-Trotskyite world view / party line /  not “revolutionary idologoy”  – but “organized crime subversion ideology”  which is all you get on television and from the phony “alternative media” — Alex Jones, Lew Rockwell, Ariana Huffington, Occupy Wall Street, the 9-11 Truthers (Fetzer, Morgan Reynolds, Carol Burlett, Jim Fetzer — who gatekeep out the multiple lines of conclusive evidence of a mass-murder frameup by London/Tel Aviv/Beijing/Wall Street/Hollywood/CIA/Mossad/MI6/CP-PLA and the Money Power NGOs.  — who push any and every explanation of everything but the one that stands up.
A man who opposes all that is being done against us, is hindered in organizing the people by the counter-intelligence operations of the criminals.
Democracy is a combination dollars to vote (social credit — don’t judge it by its name if you have never heard of it) — in economics –and — in politics —  a system of parliamentary representation  where ideas can be heard, debated, and either tabled, voted down or voted down or remitted to committee etc  but in which the minority view gets a hearing and has, if only sometimes as a long-shot, the opportunity to become the majority on the basis of the convincing others of the validity and importance of it arguments for the action or resolution sought.
Where are the man who at the same time are maintaining that 1) there is a Zionist-Trotskyite conspiracy aimed at degrading the American population for enslavement by an aristocracy made up of Jewish and Chinese mafias; 2) that the revisionist history of the world is essentially correct; 3) that the money and credit systems are perversions of what they should be, perversions designed to rob mankind and pretend that the economic depressions it imposes is the economic problem that is caused by the very thing alleged to cure it; 4) that the worst people are running things into the ground in a war against the common man — and against Jefferson, Gandhi, Jesus, Mohammad, Bolivar and whatever other names of champions of the freedom and dignity and bright future of common mankind on can name.
my point?
you have to free your mind from the lie that no solution is possible   — being under the spell of that lie defeats you from the very start
you have to have believe that good can only come from common people who are not polished or educated in ivy league schools or backed by money and the glamour and image that money can buy
and most important  — with false voices bombarding you and the old knowledge being removed from you  — you have to look to the last carriers of the nearly lost remembrance of what was possible  —  otherwise you will be living in a totalitarian state where your children are taught wheels are square and vampires. witches  and wherwoves are more important to think about than engineers, politicians, public servants, entrepreneurs and the true scientists of both the realms of physics, chemsitry and ecology/biology, mathematics and cybernetics etc. but also economics, political philosophy and sociology.
What is the problem?
To free our minds we have had to say “No” and we have had to piece our own construction of reality — taking analysis and facts and making our own determinations with the methods we pick up of separating the honest from the dishonest, the informed from the uninformed, the important from the unimportant, and to handle the giant mass of unsubstantiated claims that float around us.  My stragegy has been to find the principles of behavior and of markets and of political interaction and of government and of the environment (ecology, economics, earth sciences etc) and history and the the library of explanations, proceedures, experience etc.  ETC ETC YADDA YADDA YADDA    and in doing that no two of us are alike  — yet somehow we must get together with our varously established facts and our tentative conclusions and theories and speculations  — and – despite all efforts to saboage our doing so — come to agreement on a political and economic and defensive and self-governing program for the nation-family-community-and-human race.
Only one way is possible.  We cannot all get in a giant committee of 300,000,000 people and come up with a consensus world view  — or even 51 percent of us reaching that consensus.
Rather we pick leaders who are an approximation of what we want  — an approximation that is significantly closer to what we all want than the organized minority of criminals who are out to rob and destroy us are offering.  Fining such people — however many — you have to choose among them.  You have to get behind one of them and elevate him, amplify him so with your support and echoing of his views he begins to get across to others loud and clear despite the efforts of the monopoly media of the criminals to drown him out and to misrepresent him or to crowd him out with substitutes they raise up and package according to what the scientific polling tells them is needed to crowd him out.
Is Ron Paul that man?   Is Alex Jones?  Is Jesse Ventura?  Is populist Newt Gingrich?  Or christian Rick Santorum?  Or progressive Kucinich?  Or champion of minorities Obama? 
None of the people who are stepping up to take the job impress me as being any improvement over the criminal agenda leadership — in fact I think they all are the criminal leadership agenda.
That is not to say that good people do not exist  —  I know many  in economics you know whom I like  — Migchels, Krynicki, ConditJr, Mallory, Ellen Brown, and  a few dozen others who are too big to be upset because I forgot to mention them  —   and in journalism as reporters of the important information, new and old, that the Money Power conspiracy would suppress  —  Christopher Bollyn, Jeff Rense, Henry Makow, the real-for-sure 9/11 investigators (Steven Jones, Barbara Honneger) and all of the revisionist hisorians  — and those investigating weather control (Carnicom etc.)   — we seem to be compartmentalized somewhat in our specialities, but most of these I am thinking about generally hang together in views  — I easily see myself on their side rather than on the side of those who oppose them, opponents easily recongnized by who well they hand together in defending the conspiracy and the entire program.   And when you see the phony 9-11 investigator, or the “libertarian” or Austrian” — they are all either phony or hopelessly deluded by phonies  — you can spot him by how his other views fit the world view of the conspiracy rather than the loose consensus of the pro-humanity individuals.
I will get behind one of us who shows he wants to lead.  Yet I see no one looking to lead on our side  — they all want to provide good information and have other people take up the info and use it to fix things while they themselves accept thanks for making the suggestion.  We lack leaders.
And so Max Lund and I, seeing this problem have decided to run our principles and solutions for office — to further them — to commit to them all the way  – to success or to his and my death or to our overthrow by force copprupt power that simply removes us through better control over communication systems money incentives  — before we can set up our social credit system which will give people the luxury of not selling their votes and their political souls, but actually working for those who will promote the common good.
I am running for president.
My motto is “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”   
 This nation must not have another lesser evil.  It’s time you thought of the greater good and of throwing in with whatever imperfect human being is really serious about going after it and has a pretty good plan us to speedily put it in motion.
Max Lund and I are still in this race and we will, if given the chance, on January 20, 2013 correct the course of this nation by restoring the means for all of us to attain a better life from human intelligence put to good use.

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