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A fascinating evaluation of Austrianism by Daily Kos

In an earlier diary, I covered the theory that the New Deal was only possible through majority cultural tribalism in response to an economic disaster, as well being the necessary course of emergency action that was needed to ‘save the union’ as high unemployment and a hostile corporate class threatened to tear the nation asunder. Animosity towards Jews and minorities soared as they were blamed for causing the nations economic problems.

I argued that in light of this revelation, it is questionable to claim that the Democratic Party that passed the New Deal was genuinely progressive in intent, especially since the Democratic Party of FDR was the same Democratic Party that had close ties with the KKK and fought for anti-progressive causes while the GOP back then was relatively more genuine in intent in progressive battles.


I pointed out that Hitler of the National ‘Socialist’ Workers Party also had a very similiar economic program and during the same time period as his solution to the Great Depression, to make a point that historically what we on the Left generally see as ‘economic progressive’ revolutions oddly share the same anti-progressive, tribalist traits and were last resort solutions to save their nation from descending into turmoil and therefore are questionable as genuinely ‘economically progressive’ in intent and is a matter of perspective. Some DailyKos readers predictably misunderstood the thrust of my argument and invoked Godwin’s Law to discredit me.

I then wondered if economic ‘progressivism’ is even possible in an egalitarian, non-tribalist sense that we on the Left dream of, as these revolutions only seem to come around in light of disastrous economic/social conditions that threatened to shatter nations and the so-called progressive revolutionaries who made them possible have beenthe guys on other side of the battle line and not the guys on our side.

Worker unions in America are another thing that was once generally anti-progressive and tribally racist in origin before the passage of the Civil Rights Act turned political realities upside down as well, as unions were formed in opposition to minority workers being hired for low pay and ‘taking their jobs’.

The gun rights battle is another odd thing that crossed over from the Right to the Left . The Right, including the NRA,  was for gun grabbing when they once could unconstitutionally deny minorities the same rights before they were against it. Today, gun grabbing interestingly enough is largely contained to inner cities where minorities live, and it is now those on the Left who are leading the charge. How did that happen?

What I really want to cover in this diary is another tribalist theory or reality that crossed my mind regarding Ron Paul’s brand of libertarianism.

It crossed my mind yesterday during a heated debate with a libertarian  that ‘AUSTerity’ was similiar to ‘AUSTrian’, as in Austrian School of Economics – the school of thought behind Ron Paul’s ideology.

I looked around on Google to see if I could find any connection, andcame across this page:

“Mostly due to the work of von Mises and his contemporaries, the Austrian School is now seen as a liberal tradition. Like many other Austrian economists, von Mises was of Jewish descent (although a converted Catholic) and left Austria in the late 1930ies.

The Nazis are responsible for the “Austrian School” suddenly becoming a school of exile Austrians, living mostly in England and the US. This “expulsion” appears to be echoed by Austria′s economic policies, as the liberal views of the Austrian School were extinguished in this country more extremely than in most other non-communist countries: Austria turned into one of the most socialised nations in the World in the decades that followed WWII”

It also crossed my mind that Hitler was an also an Austrian.

I then wondered how many of the founders of the Austrian School are Jewish and came up with this page

That is a full house guys! Virtually every major founder of the Austrian School of economic thought was Jewish, and their historical background of getting expelled from so many countries likely was a major factor in their economic beliefs.

My theory is that libertarian economics was truly meant to be tribal survivalist economics – one that works well for small ‘tribes’ of people, as Jews were when they were constantly the run due to racial strife, and not intended to work for entire nations of people. Libertarian economics strikes me as exactly what one’s own family would do during hard times to secure their economic situation.

I researched more about the economy during the Weimar Republic before the rise of Hitler and came across several sites that more or less said things along these lines:

“Austrian school austerity policies were implemented after hyper-inflation had already occurred. Germany decided to “normalize” their economy, following the advice of Austrian school economists. Unemployment went fro 15% to 30% as a result, and that opened the door to authoritarianism.”

“Historically, a notable exercise in the sustained and ruthless application of budget cuts was the regime of German Chancellor Heinrich Bruning. As German chancellor between March 1930 and May 1932, Bruning was unable to muster a majority of the parliament and therefore used presidential decree-laws signed by President von Hindenburg to reduce wages, reduce worker benefits, cut social welfare payments, and rob workers of the unemployment insurance which was due them. Taxes were increased, and the German living standard declined sharply. Unemployment increased disastrously from 5 million in the winter of 1930-31 to 6 million in the winter of 1931-32, which represented more than 20% and was the worst in Europe by far. By the time Bruning left office, Hitler’s seizure of power was little more than a half year in the future. The application of Austrian-school monetarism under Bruning was a catastrophic failure in economic terms, and politically opened the door for fascist dictatorship. How strange that today persons calling themselves libertarians should recommend similar policies.”

While I cannot find any hard evidence from a trusted source that Heinrich Bruning actually took advice from Austrian School economists, it is hard fact that he did implement the austerity measures listed and the following discontent lead to a tribalist embrace of Hitler’s brand of dictatorial, culturally & racially exclusive socialism in response to the austerity policies of the Weimar Republic.

Anyway I couldn’t find a direct connection between the word ‘austerity’ and ‘Austrian’.

Many other realities began to cross my mind. How about fact that Ron Paul has a large following among Neo-Nazis who eschew everything with Jewish origins as Zionist? Do they know the Jewish roots of Ron Paul’s ideology? If not, would they even support him or his ideology if they knew? Especially since these hatemongers think ‘The Joooos Run Our Government’ and our corporatist government in the last 30 years has pretty much sold us the very same ‘free market’ libertarian language that Ron Paul spews.

Another, more scarier realization crossed my mind… what if it is all theater and these libertarian leaders don’t truly believe in their ideology? What if they are actually more aware of history than they let on, and are keen to the tribalist nature of humans when faced with austerity and high unemployment? What if their true mission is to ‘induce’ yet another dictatorial/fascist tribalist revolution and repeat a dark history?

It would be ironic if an economic ideology born out of tribalist response to hate became the ideology a tribal cultural majority believes is the solution to enforce their hate.



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