Winston Churchill testifying on the Gold Standard he had introduced himself

January 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Sent in by Dick Eastman

Winston Churchill, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, reintroduced the gold-standard in 1925. In 1932, Churchill testified the following before the House of Commons:

“When I was moved by many arguments and forces in 1925 to return to the gold standard, I was assured by the highest experts, and our experts are men of great ability and of indisputable integrity and sincerity, that we were anchoring ourselves to reality and stability, and I accepted their advice. I take for myself and my colleagues of other days whatever degree of blame and burden for having accepted their advice. But what happened ? We have had no reality, no stability. The price of gold has risen since then by more than 70 per cent. That is as if a 12-inch foot rule had been stretched to 19 or 20 inches, as if the pound avoirdupois had suddenly become 23 or 24 ounces instead of 16. Look at what this has meant to everybody who has been compelled to execute their contracts upon this irrationally enhanced scale. Look at the gross unfairness of such distortion to all producers of new wealth, and to all that labour and science and enterprise can give us. Look at the enormously increased volume of commodities which have to be created in order to pay off the same mortgage debt or loan. Minor fluctuation might well be ignored, but I say quite seriously that this monetary convulsion has now reached a pitch where I am persuaded that the producers of new wealth will not tolerate indefinitely so hideous an oppression. . . . I therefore point to this evil, and to the search for the method’s of remedying it as the first, second and third of all the problems which should command and rivet our thoughts.”

Eastman adds: “So, we can either listen to Ron Paul and the other ‘experts’ on the matter or we can look at the facts. Churchill listened to the ‘experts’ and reintroduced it. He saw its fundamental flaws first hand. Can the Austrian-supporters tell me why things would be different this time?”

Migchels: Of course Churchill was a uncanny criminal but here he was forced to admit the truth, the Gold Standard was horribly deflationary, implying a major wealth transfer to creditors.


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