Max Lund on humans as potentially intelligent beings and Gold

January 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

by Max Lund
I remember someone hyping the gold standard asking if you had a choice, whi;ch would you take? a piece of paper or gold?  To sharpen the picture, consider a ton of gold or ton of paper.  If you choose a ton of gold, how much use for it in their life can people find for it?  Now compare that with a ton of paper.  That should determine the value of each commodity to people in general.
However, in spite of the potential intelligence of the human species, a lot of stuff is a mystery to us and thus we have to operate on theory and faith until we learn and experience the truth.  As we go along in life and generations, we accumulate a lot of stuff that appears to be true at the time, and then by necessity take it for granted so that we can have space in our minds to consider other things as we go along.  Then suddenly or maybe too insiduously our operating model hits a crisis.  Unfortunately, we have a delete key in our minds and on our keyboard to avoid wasting our time on something we have already taken for granted and again, unfortunately,  that may be the very thing we may need to reconsider in order to solve the crisis.  Fortunately in my life, I realized early that if I only read or listen to what I agree with, I reduce my opportunities to learn.  Furthermore, I often wonder why so many insist in learning the hard way by reinventing the wheel etc. instead of observing and learning from others the easier way.
Getting back to the gold standard, what is ironic is that the gold standard uses paper anyhow as gold certificates and wastes what little basic value gold has by mining, refining, monopolyzing it, and storing in vaults or warehouses, paying guards to protect it forever and ever.   Why not just leave it in the ground and save all that wasted energy and expense?  Of course then no one could count, weigh. claim, and monopolyze it, right?
For  some reason most  economists and professionals cannot get over the barter system, trading a dozen eggs for a gallon of milk assuming both parties are getting what they want.  That is why they want commodity money and gold and silver happens to be the handiest to carry around and preserve.  The problem arises when the  party A with the dozen eggs doesn’t want the gallon of milk from B at that time.  So B give A an IOU for  a gallon of milk at some later date.  Now tell me, would that IOU be more valid or evident if it were gold instead of paper.  Neither gold nor paper is what they want.  Should we write books in gold so that they will be more accurate or believable?  Should all titles to property be in gold so that they will be worth more?  Should all houses have gold studs in their construction so they be worth more?  While we are at it, let our imaginations go wild.  Let’s breathe in gold air, so we will become more valuable.  At least gold air would be hard to monopolyze.  Remember a lot values in our heads is the results of lot of propaganda.  Why not go back to Roman numerals, so you can count the slashes.  Would most orientals want to go back to their pictorial writen language.  Why must we confuse our symbols for the things they represent?
Money is not a commodity.  It is a value receipt to prove you have earned that amount of credit by serving someone of our human species and the receiver gave you that receipt as evidence of the value he received.  The receipt to be effective has be a standard form that is difficult to counterfeit and is accepted by everyone.  It takes just as much faith to accept a gold standard receipt as a paper receipt.  If on the gold standard, and  you receive a gold certificate, are you going to go to the vault or warehouse to check to see if that amount of gold is really there.  Even you go there, are you going check to see if all the certificates in circulation are truly in stock and available.  I would like to know how you will manage that even if you wanted  to.  So can you see what I mean when I say you have to risk just as much faith in the gold standard.  Right now there a lot of hype and promotion of gold to protect you from the loss of faith in paper and then feather the nests of gold keepers.  Keep your faith in paper and watch  the value of gold go down.
But there is a problem with paper and any other kind of money.  That is the origination problem of money.  Currently money origins as loans with zero earned principal and with a definite interest on its face value.  Thus the originators of our money get infinite profit from zero contribution.  It works because once in circulation, the money contributes mightyly to human interaction and progress, but as a loan it has limited circulation and requires continuous borrowing of zero earnedd principal but a definitive face value in order to meet the interest on nothing which in reality should be nothing.  If the originators of the money spent it into circulation, the money could circulate forever and ever, and originators would not be collecting interest on nothing forever and ever.  But the theft would be too obvious.
Unfortunately money has to origin somewhere.  Since it must come from thin air, it should origin from every adult like thin air goes to every adult.  I say adults because if everyone were included, the temptation would be to increase the population to increase the benefits, and I don’t think the earth would appreciate that.  Until we learn better, our present population as it  is, is doing too much damage to the earth that we depend on.
Please check on the meaning of social credit money and consider its democratic possibilies.

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