Eastman Exposes Max “Expatriot” Keiser and Gonzola “Hyperinflation” Lira

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Max “Expatriot” Keiser and Gonzalo “Hyperinflation” Lira tell the American rich it is time to flee of the United States – they say the country is now a dictatorship beyond help and hope.
By Dick Eastman
Gonzalo Lira and Max Keiser have given up on America.  Max Keiser has been selling the inevitability, recommending gold and predicting hyperinflation.  Gonzalo Lira has been selling the Rothschild lie that hyperinflation is around the corner — which Ron Paul and Celente and Beck and Peter Schiff has convinced all you you of  —  telling you you can’t fight Rothschild’s plans for you, all you can do is grab a stash of gold and run and hide.  Somehow you were sold on the gold foil packaging – and you rejected the populist call for a change of plumbing and plumbers that will fix the problem — you have rejected the social credit solution for the golden ticket you must pay the cartel armies on the Mexican boarder to get out of town.
I say good riddance to all of you Austro-Libertarians  — we who stay with America will — without you here slowing us down — eventually beat back these wolves.  Unfortunately by being duped by anarcho-capitalist gold-worshiping Prophets of Inevitable Doom and false solutions (such as a gold standard and privatization of government assets and “austerity” which is the vicious cycle of liquidation-contraction-deflation-bankruptcy-liquidation-more deflation-more-depression etc.)  — you have really set us back — and now we have to educate the public and undeceive them before we can make any progress — obviously a hard job before election day or before that day when changing the outcome of the election will be impossible for us.
Lira is a false prophet and Keslo and Alex Jones are false prophets.
Lira has been saying for years:  “I would argue that the next step down in this world-historical Global Depression which we are experiencing will be hyperinflation.”
For example, here is Gonzalo Lira on video in 2010:
Gonzalo Lira: Hyperinflation is coming to the US by the end of 2011 PART 1 of 2
Contrast that with the populist message you have been ignoring.

They are robbing you, tricking you into attacking innocent nations and religions, plundering you of your assets and your dollars and they intend to chain you with a gold system so that the people will never be able to climb out of the pit by the usual means of reflation.  And how are you responding?  You are refusing to see their hand.  You are accepting the Austrian School lie that the depressions actually caused by over-indebtedness and deflation are instead somehow caused by inflation and “malinvestment” (more production than you later find you can afford to have) — when in fact the reason you later cannot afford what is produced is because of NET INTEREST DRAIN  (because the flow principal plus compound interest leaving circulation is always over time less than the flow of bank loans to households, government and domestic businesses that enter circulation.  Unfortunately only between 2 and 3 thousand people understand the reason why gold and austerity and “fighting inflation” and “liquidation of all bad debt” are quack cures that will kill the patient.  The populist tells you that we are in a hyper deflation.  The populist  tells you that “liquidation of all bad debt” is a process that converts good debt to bad debt, like spreading cancer, due to the deflationary effect of loan contraction and forfeiture of equity/collateral assets to the international creditor whose policy is not to invest (reflate) a deflationary economy where killings are yet to be made on asset acquisition at great depression prices.  Alex Jones has never once mentioned social credit or this candidate by name (and I have been around writing on clandestine weather modification, the Clinton crimes and monetary reform since the 90’s and investigating 9/11 on the internet since Sept 13, 2001 (check the archives of the yahoogroup frameup — which contains my investigation articles since from the beginning —  yet despite endless letters sharing my findings — never a response from Jones.  Contrast this with Jeff Rense – a true journalist of the people, who has my 9-11 analysis over the years, for example,  http://www.rense.com/general86/hight1.htm —  and you will not that Rense has both Eastman and Celente   —    I stop writing here  — no time to finish
Ron Paul is not visible in South Carolina because in part he has not been campaigning hard, but also because if he were to campaign visibly and the other candidates were to address issues in the fields that attract people to Paul — warfare state and economics and foreign policy — which the current debate and media spin keep nonexistent (it is assumed by all of the exposure receiving nomination candidates — and they just occasionally differ on who has the  commitment and competence to continue the current policy that is so successful in terms of profit and protecting what media commentators call “the only democracy” and “our only friend” in the middle east.”  I told you that Ron Paul is fake opposition — gathering all resistance to war and intrusive government so that they follow him, the insincere pied piper, who will lead them to the point of no return and then quit on them.  I warned you early in 2007 and I have been warning you ever since — yet the majority of you who forward links to me are solidly for Ron Paul!   When you are left at the alter – you will know that you fell for the wrong man and rejected the suiter who really intended to “take you away from all this.”


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